An annual global summit for the human rights of LGBTIQ People

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OutSummit will be held virtually this year from December 9-11! Just like in years past, OutSummit will feature LGBTIQ+ advocates and allies discussing our movement’s priorities and challenges. It’s a space to reflect on the LGBTIQ organizing in the past year, strategize collectively, and frankly, celebrate queer people!
We are pleased to announce that our keynote speakers this year will be Hamed Sinno, lead singer of the Lebanese-American indie-rock band Mashrou’ Leila, and Filipino-American supermodel, trans rights activist and founder of Gender Proud Geena Rocero.
While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic prevents us from meeting in person this year, the urgency of OutSummit has only grown. The pandemic, surrounding containment measures and consequent economic fallout has had a disproportionate impact on LGBTIQ people. Meanwhile, the right-wing governments which attack gender and LGBTIQ equality have also continued to be on the rise, many taking advantage of the pandemic to pass restrictive legislation. A ban on abortion in Poland, constitutional changes extending President Putin’s power and banning same-sex marriage in Russia, banning of legal gender recognition in Hungary, are just a few of the regressive events from the past year. By the time OutSummit takes place we will know the outcome of the Presidential election in the US, the results of which will have enormous implications for LGBTIQ people around the world.
As such, the need to come together to share insights, strategize across civil society, State and private sector boundaries for the human rights of LGBTIQ people is urgent and important.
While we can’t meet together in-person, we will still connect with LGBTIQ people and allies from around the world. Sessions will be held on December 9-11, beginning at 7 am California / 10 am NYC / 3 pm London / 5 pm Beirut / 6 pm Nairobi / 11 pm Hong Kong.
We look forward to seeing you on screen, and in the meantime, please save the date. Check back here at for more updates! 


We will be hosting OutSummit through the virtual conference venue, Hopin. Please follow this link to sign up for a free Hopin account and register to attend OutSummit!
OutSummit Color strip 1200X54