OutSummit Code of Conduct

OutSummit Code of Conduct

OutSummit is a global summit for the human rights of LGBTIQ people organized by OutRight Action International. For five years already OutSummit has brought together LGBTIQ activists and allies from across the globe to a convening held at the CUNY School of Law in New York to share experiences, build networks, and come up with strategies to overcome the challenges we face in our respective contexts.

This year, for the first time, OutSummit is being held online. 

We are coming together at a time when the world is in the midst of a global pandemic. As in all crisis situations, those most vulnerable – in particular LGBTIQ people – have been affected more severely than the general population. The context surrounding our annual meeting makes the convening more important and more urgent than ever. 

While meeting online presents numerous opportunities, such as engaging ever more people from across the world, it also presents challenges. Among them the challenge of creating a safe and open environment. We have to remember that we are meeting at a time of amplified vulnerability for our community, heightened anxiety, multiple unknowns, and numerous challenges on top of the issues we face on a day-to-day basis, and we experience such challenges differently.

OutRight is committed to ensuring that OutSummit is a safe, open, respectful, supporting and empowering space. By joining OutSummit, participants agree to adhering to the following principles:


  1. Interact and engage respectfully. We welcome differences in opinion, disagreement and opposing viewpoints, as they contribute to a healthy debate and lead to more thorough outcomes. However, differing and opposing opinions must be expressed respectfully.
  2. Be mindful of multiple lived experiences. Participants of OutSummit come from all over the world, spanning the LGBTIQ community, from differing social and economic backgrounds, with drastically different lived experiences and a myriad of ways of dealing with the challenges they face on a day to day basis. Participants should strive to engage with others without judgment, presumptions about others’ identities, status or intentions. 
  3. Use inclusive language. Pay attention to how people want to be referred to, what their pronouns are, and use inclusive language. 
  4. Be patient. Speakers and participants will be joining from across the world, with varying internet and other technology speeds and qualities. It may take people longer to share their content, there may be connectivity issues, and drop offs. Please be patient with each other and OutRight through this process. 
  5. Be conscious of people’s safety. Participants are joining OutSummit from countries across the world, including from places where same-sex relations are criminalized, or where internet censorship and monitoring takes place. In light of the pandemic, participants may also be calling in from unsafe home environments. Do not ask people to reveal their full names or ask them to turn on cameras if they are not comfortable doing so. 
  6. Engage in multiple communications channels. The Hopin platform enables participants to engage in group chats, direct messages, a networking space, and expo booths. Be open to taking part in numerous channels to make the most of the platform. 
  7. Challenge inappropriate or offensive behaviour, including, but not limited to, harassment, bullying, verbal violence, LGBTI-phobia, classism, ageism, ableism, racism, misogyny, heterosexism and other oppressions. Inappropriate or offensive behavior will not be tolerated. 


What actions is OutRight taking


  • OutRight will have at least two staff members present in every session. 
  • Staff will monitor spoken and written communication, respond to any requests, and strive to ensure the space remains safe and respectful. 
  • We will look out for inappropriate comments, sharing of links or other content which does not respect the spirit of the space we are trying to correct, and address any inappropriate comments made live. 


How you can help us to keep this space safe


Despite our best efforts, we may not notice all infractions. Your help in identifying actions that go against the above mentioned principles is welcomed and appreciated. If you experience or witness disrespectful, offensive or otherwise inappropriate behavior please let us know by reaching out to an OutRight staff member via the direct message or “report” functions on the Hopin platform, or by emailing us on hello@outrightinternational.org with as much information as possible (including but not limited to your name, the name of the offender, a description of the situation and the infraction made). 

This information will be shared with OutRight’s senior staff in order to assess the situation, but will not be shared beyond OutRight. We will take action as soon as possible. 


What will we do in the case of a breach?


OutRight will investigate every case of inappropriate, offensive or disrespectful behaviour noticed by our staff or reported to us. OutRight will respond to all instances of infraction. Responses will be proportionate to the infractions, based on a thorough consideration of the content and nature of the reported incident. If a breach has taken place, OutRight reserves the right to block access to the platform for participants who do not respect these principles without returning registration fees. 

We wish all participants a meaningful conference!